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Why to choose radio remote control for crane?

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In terms of crane radio control technology, it is not only beneficial to introduce the technology first to replace manually operated cranes, but it is also beneficial to continue to update the technology to continue to maximize productivity and safety.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of radio remote control for crane:

1) The way to control cranes

2) The two technical standards for remote control for crane

3) Benefits of our Remote Crane Control


1) The way to control cranes

Cranes are critical in many industries, including aircraft/aerospace, automotive manufacturing, chemical and mineral, pulp and paper, steel production and utilities, as well as the grain industry, logging, rail yards and ship loading.

Traditionally, industrial cranes are operated by a human operator sitting in the crane cab. In this case, the operator's movements were guided by the hand signals of the person outside the crane. In the past, cranes were operated by cab operators, and in other cases, instead of having the operator sit in the cab, a person outside the crane operated the unit, using a pendant button station suspended from the crane.

In recent decades, technology has evolved to the point where cranes can be controlled remotely. While this technology has been around since the 1960s, improvements have been made over the years, with newer systems offering more safety, reliability, efficiency, versatility and cost savings than in the past.

2) The two technical standards for remote control for crane

The two standard technologies for remote crane operation are radio frequency (RF) signals/waves and infrared light. While both technologies continue to be available, RF technology is the more popular of the two, holding about 98 percent of the market share because it is superior to infrared technology. For example, infrared devices have a shorter operating range than RF devices. In addition, infrared light can be deflected by dust or other airborne particles, or even blocked by larger objects in its path.

As good as infrared control is, however, in most plants, especially steel mills, there is so much dirt and dust that all the reflectors and lenses on the cranes are covered with dirt and dust. Therefore, you must constantly clean the sensors and other surfaces.

3) Benefits of our Remote Crane Control

We are a professional industrial remote control manufacturer with 10 years of experience and a leading enterprise in the domestic industrial wireless control industry, focusing on the development, integration and production of industrial wireless remote control systems.

Our company headquarters is located in Nanjing Development Zone, with an operating area of 5,000 square meters and 168 employees.

Xia Ding is in the leading position in remote control systems for cranes, construction machinery, building machinery and special machinery, which can be operated remotely in metallurgy, automobile manufacturing, paper making, shipbuilding, nuclear power and other industries.

The company has passed the certification of most major industrial countries in the world such as EU, USA, UK, Germany, Japan, Canada, Italy, Portugal and Belgium. Our products are exported to dozens of overseas countries and have been well received by our customers.

We pursue the development concept of safety, reliability and efficiency, and keep innovating to introduce more new products to meet the needs of more customers. We believe that in the future, the remote control of LCC brand will be favored by more consumers.

Convenience and safety dictate that choosing a remote control unit for your crane is a wise choice. If you are interested in any remote control unit you can contact us or browse more articles and our product detail page. If you have any special needs or questions, we have professional staff to answer them for you and provide consulting services for you at any time. Thank you for your visit to our website.

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