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For general trailers or car lifts and tail lifts device, many customers ordered Q400 .

According to the requirements of different industrial hoists, we recommend different remote controls. Only Q200 or Q202 are recommended for up and down functions. If customers want to move the device in the left and right directions or need other more functions, we recommend Q400 and Q404 or Q600 and Q606.

Our remote controls are more used in various cranes, such as truck cranes, gantry cranes and overhead cranes. According to the needs of different cranes, various button remote controls are recommended for configuration and use.

For tower cranes, joystick remote controls are mainly used, and our Q5000 and F24-60 are recommended.

Some devices require remote controls with proportional voltage output,Then recommend our Q9000.

We also provide customized services to meet the requirements of different customers for different functions.
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