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What is a truck remote control?

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The remote control system can be applied to cranes, engineering machinery, construction machinery, special machinery and other industries, and can be operated remotely in metallurgy, automobile manufacturing, paper making, shipbuilding, nuclear power and other industries.

The industrial radio remote control can be used for cranes, hoists, forklifts, winches, trucks, pumps, trailers, tail lifts, car lifts, etc. Here is the information I found about the truck remote control.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of truck remote control:

1) What is a truck remote control?

2) Benefits of using the industrial remote control

3) Why to use the truck remote control?


1) What is a truck remote control?

What is a truck remote control? Truck remote control is a device that uses radio transmission to operate and control industrial machinery from a distance or remotely. The truck remote control is composed of a handheld or waist-mounted transmitter and a receiving device fixed on the equipment. The master worker inputs the corresponding operation instruction into the transmitter through the button or switch on the operation panel of the transmitter, and then the transmitter transmits the signal to the remote receiving device by means of wireless transmission after the instruction is digitally encoded and encrypted, and then the receiving device converts the control instruction into digital or analog signal after decoding. After decoding and conversion, the receiving device converts the control commands into digital or analog signals to realize the control of various electrical, mechanical and hydraulic equipment.

2) Benefits of using the industrial remote control

The industrial remote control is mostly used in steel, metallurgy, shipbuilding and container terminals, warehousing, chemical industry, paper making, construction, machinery manufacturing and engineering machinery and other related enterprises, specifically industries that allow it to achieve remote control operation of lifting equipment, consoles and vehicles and other related equipment. Its effective control distance is generally within 100 meters, with special requirements can be customized non-standard ultra-long-distance remote-control device, and will not be affected by the site, obstacles and other environmental impacts, the operator only needs to carry a lightweight transmitter, free to walk around and choose a safe and good visual location to operate. Clear the previous accident potential problems caused by unclear vision, line control constraints, poor environment or improper command with factors such as. It can both ensure safe operation and significantly improve productivity.

3) Why to use the truck remote control?

Truck remote control can reduce manufacturing and maintenance costs: remote control system instead of the cab has long been a reality, in many crane factories has become the standard production process.

The truck remote control can improve safety and reliability: as a result of eliminating the command link, thus avoiding misunderstandings caused by improper command; operators can operate in the command angle, more intuitive to see the scene of the lifted items, in addition to avoiding tower crane operators in bad weather: high temperature in the cab, confined, blurred vision and other insecurity, as well as operators working at height with the conductor communication errors caused by unnecessary accidents.

Remote control of truck improves the operating environment: operators can choose a safe angle and avoid operating positions with poor visibility and serious pollution; eliminates operators from harmful gases.

The truck remote control can save human resources: in the case of overhead cranes, for example, operation, lashing and hanging and unloading can be undertaken by one person alone, without command.

Truck remote control can improve the efficiency of work: the operator independent judgment, the accuracy and consistency of the operation than in the past can be significantly improved; due to unnecessary affected.

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