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When to use the tower crane remote control?

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Radio remote control is now standard equipment on most self-erecting tower cranes and is even common in some parts of Europe for flat-top tower cranes.

Almost all self-erecting tower cranes come with remote controls. An increasing number of top-swing tower cranes are also using them.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of tower crane remote control:

1) What is a tower crane remote control?

2) Tower crane joysticks have changed our industrial production

3) Advantages of tower crane remote control

4) Other relevant information and terminology about tower crane remote control


1) What is a tower crane remote control?

With digital readouts sandwiched between the controls, remote controls are starting to look more and more like load moment indicators in the cabin of a mobile crane. They tell the user how much the load is, how much weight is a percentage of the maximum, how high the load is, and even how strong the wind is blowing.

What is remarkable is how quickly this happened. Tower cranes have moved from simple motors to computer control in about 20 years - perhaps half the time it took to develop mobile cranes.

Remote controls played a key role in this development. Early on, crane owners realized that small cranes weren't always busy, so operators using remote controls could help with rigging and other field work during downtime. Of course, it cost more, but adding a remote control could save an entire payroll.

2) Tower crane joysticks have changed our industrial production

Sometimes nothing happens, and then the driver has the possibility to do something else. If you have a remote control, you can walk next to the load. If you had to gently lower a load, you could stand next to the load and see everything very well.

Now remote controls are no longer a special thing. The early remotes would only replicate the main levers of the crane. And remotes were an aftermarket business.

Twenty years ago, a remote-control operated crane without cables was some kind of magic. Now it's becoming the standard for all crane applications, especially tower cranes, truck-mounted cranes and mobile crushers.

3) Advantages of tower crane remote control

Remote control has arranged more possibilities for technical cooperation. When original equipment manufacturers began working with radio remote control design engineers, remote controls became many more high-performance products.

The trend in the industry was for radio remote controls to change from simple transmitter-receivers to receivers with PLC functionality, referring to programmable logic controllers (computers). Receivers needed to become more intelligent and programmable.

4) Other relevant information and terminology about tower crane remote control

A remote control (RC) is usually handheld, an electronic device used to control another device, such as a TV, radio, or audio/video recording device. Remote controls usually operate via infrared signals, but sometimes operate via RF signals.

An IR remote control (also called a transmitter) uses light to transmit signals from the remote control to the device it controls. It emits invisible pulses of infrared light that correspond to a specific binary code. RF remotes work in a similar way.

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