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How to connect a radio remote control to your crane?

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A wireless remote transmitter with a series of buttons or levers can be held by the operator or clipped to a carrier or belt worn by the operator. The remote transmitter sends a radio signal to a receiver unit mounted on the crane. This unit converts the signal into electrical energy and transmits it to an intermediate relay unit on the crane, which activates the appropriate contacts and then moves the crane up and down the runway, moves the crane or trolley from side to side, and raises or lowers the hook.

Do you know how to connect the radio remote control to your crane? Here is the information I found about connecting the radio remote control to your crane.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of radio remote control for crane:

1)    How do I match the radio remote control with your crane?

2)    Market prospect of wireless remote control

3)    Factors affecting the distance of radio remote control for crane

1)        How do I match the radio remote control with your crane?

If it is a simple jumper remote control, just take apart the original remote control, according to the code dial inside (or jumper) to set the new remote control can be.

First look at your wireless receiver decoder chip is what model, the crane wireless receiver receiving frequency is how high, and then figure out and this decoder chip supporting the remote control chip is what model, and then go to buy is this chip remote control, and transmit the same frequency and crane wireless receiver. According to the situation, you may have to learn to pair code or dial code to code. Do these points, the success rate of the pairing is not high, because it contains a lot of expertise, so if you want to successfully use a good control of the crane controller, there are conditions to find our professionals can provide you with help. You can contact us through our website.

2)        Market prospect of wireless remote control

With the development of industrial wireless remote control technology, industrial wireless remote control has been widely used in equipment such as loader, shunting locomotive, hydraulic machinery and mobile vehicle port loading and unloading machine, etc. The market prospect is extremely broad.

3)        Factors affecting the distance of radio remote control for crane

The main factors affecting the distance of radio remote control are as follows.

Transmitting power: transmitting power is far away, but power consumption, easy to produce interference.

Receiving sensitivity: the receiver's receiving sensitivity increases, the remote control distance increases, but it is easy to be interfered with causing mis operation or loss of control.

Antenna: the use of linear antennas, and parallel to each other, remote control distance, but occupy a large space, in use to lengthen the antenna, straighten the remote control distance can be increased;

Height: the higher the antenna, the farther the remote control distance, but subject to objective conditions.

Blocking: the use of wireless remote control using the national UHF band, its propagation characteristics and light approximation, straight line propagation, bypassing smaller, between the transmitter and receiver, such as wall blocking will greatly discount the remote control distance, if the wall is reinforced concrete, due to the absorption effect of conductors on the radio waves, the impact is even more.

The above is how to match a new remote control with the crane wireless receiver related content, is about the wireless remote control on the sky crane how to share with the contactor wiring. After reading how to pair the crane remote control, I hope this will help you!

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