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F24-8S Industrial 8 Button Wireless Remote Control Switch Transmitter Receivers

  • F24-8S

  • LCC

  • LCC

  • F24-8S

  • CE

  • China

  • 8 single-speed buttons

  • 315mhz

  • single-speed ,8 buttons

  • Inside

  • Inside / optional external antenna

  • IP65

  • -35℃~+40℃

  • Reinforced nylon plastic

  • ≥ 100 meters / can be customized to 300 meters

  • DC12V/DC24V/AC36V/AC220V/ AC380V


8S (2)

            Size:    480 (l) * 246 (w) * 150 (d) MM
         Weight:    2.7KG (1 set)   
            Size:    660 (l) * 430 (w) * 520 (d) MM
         Weight:   30 KG (10 sets)  

  One/ Ten sets are packed in a sturdy carton. 

1, The usual packing is cartons. 
2, If exported to other countries, we will use trays. 
3, If the container is too large, we will use per film packaging or packaging according to the special requirements of our customers. 

    Delivery time:   About 3-15 working days according to quantity and requirement.
Mode of shipment:   EMS, TNT, DHL, UPS, FEDEX, air or sea.


Detailed introduction: product performance indicators

*With 8 function buttons, 6 single speed buttons, 1 start/alarm, 1 total stop

* Control points up to 9

* With battery voltage warning device, it can cut off the circuit when the voltage is insufficient.

* Security key switch to prevent unauthorized use

* Internal functions can be set by computer interface

* Up/Down, East/West, South/North can be set to suppress each other

* The alternate button can be set to start, accelerate, self-lock, normal and other functions


8S (3).jpg 8S (4).jpg 8S (5).jpg
_02_01.png _02_02.png _02_03.png _02_04.png _02_05.png _02_06.png

The LCC brand originated from the customer's desire for more reliable industrial wireless remote control. At the beginning of the brand's establishment, the vision was to provide safer, more reliable and more efficient industrial wireless remote control system for Chinese and global customers. Today, this vision has been translated into reality by LCC engineers. Now in every corner of the world, you have the opportunity to see LCC products. LCC products are the first choice for customers in general industries such as iron and steel metallurgy, automobile manufacturing, pulp and paper making, shipbuilding, mining, tunnel construction, port seawork, oil mining and other special industries.

1. Q: what is your minimum order? 
A: thank you for your question. We can accept sample orders for trial orders. 
2. Q: is there a warranty? . 
A: all our branded products have a 12-month warranty period. we provide 24-hour after-sales service and technical support. if you find any problems during installation, please feel free to contact us. 
3. Q: will you provide after-sales service? 
A: of course. 
1) all products are subject to strict factory quality inspection before packaging. . 
2) all the products are packed in our factory, and the second package is delivered by express delivery before shipment. . . 
3) if there are any problems during operation or installation, please contact us freely and we will solve them with professional guidance. 
4. Q: what certificates are approved for your product? 
A: we have CE,FCC,ISO9001. 
5. Q: can you customize it to my needs? 
A: you can send me inquiries according to your needs. we can customize them with technical engineers. 
6. Q: is your price the lowest? 
A: do you mind the quality? The quality of our supply is value for money, inferior products will waste and affect the work process, why not choose a medium price to work well? 
7. Q: is the product 100% assembled? 
A: yes, all the products are 100% assembled.

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