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Safety of a crane remote control

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The crane remote control adopts a humanized design, which has the advantages of flexible operation, convenient use, and continuous operation without fatigue.

The crane remote control has a range limiter, which can effectively control the safe operating range, and uses coding and frequency division technology to ensure that multiple sets of remote controls work reliably in the same environment without interference.

The advanced crane remote control has a wireless channel to maintain real-time communication. If the channel is interrupted for more than 0.5 seconds for any reason, the receiver will automatically cut off all outputs and stop all mechanical actions.

Although this convenient crane remote control system brings convenience to our crane control, we still need to pay more attention to the safety of crane remote control in our industrial construction.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of radio remote control for crane:

1) Basic introduction of crane remote control

2) Safety wiring check of crane remote control

3) The importance of warning devices

1) Basic introduction of crane remote control

Industrial wireless remote control is a remote wireless remote control device specially used to control construction machinery or industrial equipment.

It is mainly used in metallurgy, shipbuilding, container terminals, warehousing, machinery manufacturing, chemicals, papermaking, construction, fire protection, and engineering machinery industries. Most of these industries need to use hoisting machinery to achieve remote control operations. The effective control range of the crane remote control is a radius of 100m in any direction, and it is not affected by obstacles. The operator only needs to carry the portable transmitter and choose the best (safe) visual position for operation, and the accidents caused by unclear vision, limited line control, harsh environment or improper command can be eliminated in the past.

That is, to ensure the safety of operation and greatly improve production efficiency.

2) Safety wiring check of crane remote control

1. crane remote control is wired according to the wiring diagram and then the total power supply is connected (the motor is not connected temporarily), at this time the red light in the receiver is lit, indicating that the power supply is normal.

2. Press the remote control button of the crane remote control, the green light of the receiver flashes, and the corresponding contactor of the control box moves.

3. Once you check the button operation of the crane remote control, the green light should be flashing, and the corresponding contactor of the control box should be in action at the same time.

4. The receiver has a built-in antenna to ensure rain protection. After wiring, we must ensure that the antenna is located on the inner wall of the receiver box cover, and the receiver cable hole faces downward. Then tighten the cover bolts to fix the original buckle.

5. Restore the motor insurance or wiring, remote control can be used normally.

3) The importance of warning devices

All remotely operated cranes and hoists must be equipped with a warning device to warn the crane, hoist and trolley during their movement. This requirement applies to cranes, booms, monorails and stationary cranes. The warning device may be a visible strobe or an audible device, such as a buzzer or siren. Intermittent horns can also be used to warn pedestrians; however, they are not a substitute for continuous audible or visual warning devices. The main issue to consider is that the warning device must properly draw attention to the moving load.

Warning devices alone are not enough; workers who operate cranes and those who come into contact with remote control cranes must be trained on the safety of working around remote control crane systems.

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