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How to use industrial crane remote control correctly

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The remote control is a wireless transmitting device that encodes key information through modern digital coding technology and transmits light waves through infrared diodes. The light waves are converted into electrical signals by the infrared receiver of the receiver, which are decoded into the processor and demodulated to give corresponding instructions to control the set-top box and other equipment to complete the required operation. The principle of industrial remote control and normal remote control are similar, but they also have many differences. How to use the industrial remote control correctly? Let's read on to learn more.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of industrial crane remote control:

1) History of remote control

2) Introduction to industrial crane remote control

3) Remote control of industrial crane remote control should pay attention to the use of distance

1)History of remote control

Exactly who invented the first remote control is not available, but one of the earliest remote controls, is an inventor named Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) (he used to work for Edison, also known as a genius inventor) in 1898 when developed (U.S. Patent No. 613809).

2)Introduction to industrial crane remote control

Industrial crane remote control is a device used to control machinery from a distance. The modern remote control is mainly composed of an integrated circuit board and buttons used to generate different messages (definition of message in communication science: a set of interrelated meaningful symbols that can express a complete meaning of information. It is made up of buttons.

A new type of industrial crane remote control is coded and decoded using the latest technology to control the door pump solenoid valve in a flash-break manner to achieve the purpose of opening and closing. Used to remotely open and close the door to avoid the need to open the door each time. The main component of the transmitting part of the general ordinary industrial crane remote control is the infrared light-emitting diode. It is actually a special light-emitting diode, because its internal material is different from the ordinary light-emitting diode, so when a certain voltage is applied at both ends, it will emit infrared rather than visible light.

3)Remote control of industrial crane remote control should pay attention to the use of distance

The main factors affecting the remote-control distance of the remote control are as follows.

transmitting power: transmitting power is far away, but power consumption, easy to produce interference.

Receiving sensitivity: the receiver's receiving sensitivity is improved, the remote-control distance increases, but it is easy to be interfered with causing mis-operation or loss of control.

Antenna: using linear antenna and parallel to each other, remote control distance is far, but occupies a large space, in use the antenna lengthening, straightening can increase the remote-control distance.

Height: the higher the antenna, the farther the remote-control distance, but subject to objective conditions.

Blocking: the use of wireless remote control using the prescribed UHF band, its propagation characteristics and light similar, straight line propagation, bypassing smaller, between the transmitter and receiver, such as wall blocking will greatly discount the remote-control distance, if the wall is reinforced concrete, due to the absorption effect of conductors on the radio waves, the impact is even more.

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