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Q800 General 433mhz Wireless Crane Remote Control Manufacturer

  • Q800
  • LCC
  • LCC
  • Q800
  • CE,FCC
  • China
  • 8 single-speed buttons
  • UHF 420~450mhz
  • single-speed ,8 buttons
  • Inside
  • Inside / optional external antenna
  • IP65
  • -35℃~+40℃
  • Reinforced nylon plastic
  • ≥ 100 meters / can be customized to 300 meters
  • DC/AC 12-24V, 24~48V,24-264V, 110~460V

Q800-新版_01Q800-新版_02 Q800-新版_03Q800-新版_04Q800-新版_05Q800-新版_06

1. Q: what is your minimum order? 
A: thank you for your question. We can accept sample orders for trial orders. 
2. Q: is there a warranty? . 
A: all our branded products have a 12-month warranty period. we provide 24-hour after-sales service and technical support. if you find any problems during installation, please feel free to contact us. 
3. Q: will you provide after-sales service? 
A: of course. 
1) all products are subject to strict factory quality inspection before packaging. . 
2) all the products are packed in our factory, and the second package is delivered by express delivery before shipment. . . 
3) if there are any problems during operation or installation, please contact us freely and we will solve them with professional guidance. 
4. Q: what certificates are approved for your product? 
A: we have CE,FCC,ISO9001. 
5. Q: can you customize it to my needs? 
A: you can send me inquiries according to your needs. we can customize them with technical engineers. 
6. Q: is your price the lowest? 
A: do you mind the quality? The quality of our supply is value for money, inferior products will waste and affect the work process, why not choose a medium price to work well? 
7. Q: is the product 100% assembled? 
A: yes, all the products are 100% assembled.

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