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Principles of a hydraulic crane remote control

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Hydraulic cranes may be simple in design, but they can perform daunting tasks that would otherwise seem impossible. In a matter of minutes, these machines can lift multi-ton bridges over heavy equipment on highways and factories, and even lift waterfront houses onto piles.

To get the best out of a hydraulic crane, we can understand how it works and learn how hydraulic crane remote control controls hydraulic cranes.

This passage is going to talk about the following types of hydraulic crane remote control:

1) Fundamentals of hydraulic crane remote control technology

2) Control by computer

3) Choose our hydraulic crane remote control

1) Fundamentals of hydraulic crane remote control technology

A hydraulic crane remote-control system consists of two units. One is a portable transmitter that generates control signals. The other is a receiver that is permanently mounted on the crane. The receiver is connected to the crane's control unit. Each switch on the transmitter creates a specific combination of "pulses" which are then transmitted to the receiver, which then decodes the "pulses" and transmits them to the crane's motor controller.

While it is possible to purchase remote control technology already installed on a new crane, in many cases the technology can also be retrofitted to an existing crane. One prerequisite for retrofitting is that the existing crane must be equipped with a magneto motor controller rather than a drum controller (the latter is common on many older cab crane models). A second prerequisite is that the crane must be equipped with a brake for emergency use and connected to the existing motor control. For example, hydraulic brakes, traditionally operated by foot pedal, must be converted to allow electronic actuation.

2) Control by computer

A slide valve system allows the crane operator to control the hydraulic piston.

Before any lifting is done, the operator enters data into a computer in the cab, including the weight of the object to be lifted and the height to be lifted. This computer serves as a backup for the operator and alerts the operator if the crane is pushed beyond its capacity. Using the chart flipchart in the cab, the operator can also determine the lift angle and boom radius. With all of this information entered, the computer can track the progress of the lift and warn the operator if the crane is approaching its limits. If the boom is lifted beyond the load amount, a series of lights directly above the inside front window will begin to illuminate. These lights are the Load Moment Indicator (LMI) warning lights.

If the operator attempts to lift the load too high, the load moment indicator will illuminate. At least two other people are needed to properly execute the lift, including the oiler and the signalman. The refueler is responsible for ensuring that all parts of the crane are in place and secured prior to any lift. He or she also acts as an observer during the lift to ensure that the lift is executed correctly. The signalman, as the name implies, gives hand signals to the operator during the lift to ensure proper manipulation of the load. Click here to see some of the hand signals used during the lifting process.

Hydraulic truck cranes provide powerful forces to move objects, machines and even large animals that would otherwise be difficult to move. Using a very simple hydraulic principle, these machines can move thousands of pounds with relative ease, making them an important part of most construction projects and a great example of the power of basic physics.

3) Choose our hydraulic crane remote control

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