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What is a radio remote control for crane?

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Remote radio crane controls(aka wireless suspension devices) for cranes and overhead cranes are quickly becoming the standard for cranes and various construction industries, and for good reason. The cost of these devices is very reasonable, and the reliability of this technology has been improving for years. By removing the operator from the elevator area, safety is increased and accidents are reduced - a win-win situation for both the business and the operator.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of radio remote control for crane:

1) Components of a Radio remote control System

2) Visibility and Mobility

3) Safety Issues with Radio remote control Crane Controls

4)  Radio remote control System Efficiency and safety


1) Components of a Radio remote control System

The remote crane control system consists of a portable transmitter unit (remote control) that generates control signals, and a receiving device (receiver) that is permanently mounted on the crane and electrically connected to the crane motor control. The control can have a wide range of load handling options and the ability to control multiple cranes simultaneously. These transmitters are durable and made of industrial strength materials to withstand years of use in the harshest environments. Most are powered by two AA batteries and consume very little energy while running, ensuring long battery life and predictable operation.

2) Visibility and Mobility

Operator visibility and mobility complement each other for increased safety. Using the wireless pendant, the operator can move with and around the load, thus avoiding any hazards that may arise during load handling. Being able to move and move the load allows the operator to get into a position where they can see the lift at different angles, thus increasing load handling efficiency. In addition, the operator can avoid the elevator - greatly increasing the safety of the elevator.

3) Safety Issues with Radio remote control Crane Controls

Some people have expressed concern about overlapping radio signals or hacking of radio remote systems. In the case of overlapping signals, each controller generates a unique combination of pulses that are transmitted to the receiver, preventing signal interference. At the crane, the pulses are removed from the carrier signal and the desired motor controller is activated (the response time of the electronic device is practically instantaneous). The receiver has circuitry for decoding the signal sent from a specific handset and converting it into a signal suitable for the crane motor controller. The control unit will only receive the correct signal and will only decode the recognizable pulse code format, thus preventing accidental operation by other nearby units.

The circuitry in the unit and in the crane control unit is shielded from interference or unintentional code signals, so these controls are very safe from outside interference.

As for physical security, we recommend storing the transmitter or pendant in a secure location on the job site. This will prevent anyone from "accidentally" using the crane. Operators will have to actively search for controls, a step that may prevent untrained personnel from "trying" and causing accidents or damage to products and equipment. Keeping the transmitter with the required crane inspection log also encourages the operator to perform daily inspections.

4) Radio remote control System Efficiency and safety

For fixed position control, one or two people may be required to move back and forth between the load and the controller. In addition, the advantage of using a remote portable remote control is that the operator can participate in load lifting and load handling.

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