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What is a hydraulic crane remote control system?

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Controlling pressure is the key to motion and force control, but very little is known about how to control pressure. A common misconception is that pressure is "flow resistance" or that pressure is controlled by a servo valve using a pressure gain curve.

hydraulic crane remote control is a common remote-control device in the industry, do you know about hydraulic crane remote control? Are you considering hydraulic crane remote control for your special industrial equipment? Here is an introduction to hydraulic crane remote control systems, I hope this is helpful to you.

This passage is going to talk about the following types of hydraulic crane remote control:

1) Introduction to hydraulic crane remote control system

2) Principle of the hydraulic crane remote control system

3) About us


1) Introduction to hydraulic crane remote control system

The Hydraulic Remote Control System is a simple, cost-effective way to retrofit a wireless remote control to a manual hydraulic system with 4- to 6-axis variable speed control. Most hydraulic crane remote control system kits come with electric actuators that push the valve in both directions, as well as all the hardware to connect the actuator to the valve handle or linkage. The actuator is connected to the receiver via a pre-wired harness.

Our radio remote control has been proven to be safe and reliable, even in some extreme weather, it can still work normally. In addition, it is molded from high-impact plastic, so the quality is guaranteed.

2) Principle of the hydraulic crane remote control system

Electro-hydraulic control allows fine tuning of fluid flow to separate the actuators on the crane. The operator can control the speed and boom angle of the crane using a handheld radio transmitter. The transmitter sends commands to the receiver, which are then converted into electrical pulse width modulated (PWM) signals. These signals are sent to the solenoid valves in the valve train.

The transmitter sends the arm angle and load settings to the receiver, which converts them into a PWM signal for the proportional valve.  

The solenoid valve responds to the PWM signal by continuously adjusting its spool position. The valve box often has four or five solenoid valves that are used to divert power to separate motors/actuators on the crane. The actuators include a worm gear for rotating the moving arm and a cylinder for tilting it. Fine proportional flow through the valves allows for precise speed and load handling. This allows for proper alignment of components during installation.

The hydraulic crane remote control's proportional flow also regulates the speed of the boom cylinder as the crane lifts the object off the ground. The valve also responds to readings from pressure and angle sensors on the truck and crane boom. If a fully loaded boom reaches an angle that could tip the truck, the flow rate is adjusted to stop the motion of the boom cylinder.

3) About us

Nanjing Xiading Electronic Technology Co.Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of high-end industrial remote control systems. The LCC brand was founded from customers’ desire for higher reliability of industrial wireless remote controls. The vision at the beginning of the brand was to give Chinese and global customers provide safer, more reliable and more efficient industrial wireless remote-control systems.

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