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What is a crane remote control?

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For transport and crane use, the crane module can be separated from the crawler using its own stabilizers. No special permits are required for road transport. The crane module can also be used as a "stand-alone" unit.

The crane remote control is very necessary to control the crane. If you want to know more please read on.

This passage is going to talk about the following types of crane remote control:

1) What is a crane remote control?

2) Remote control technology foundation

3) Benefits of Remote Crane Control


1) What is a crane remote control?

The remote control applicable to cranes is very professional, let's learn together. Remote crane operation can reach easy lifting. Now, remote control and monitoring innovations are improving the productivity, efficiency and safety of crane systems.

2) Remote control technology foundation

A remote control system consists of two units. One is a portable transmitter that generates control signals. The other is a receiver that is permanently mounted on the crane. The receiver is connected to the crane's control unit. Each switch on the transmitter creates a specific combination of "pulses" which are then transmitted to the receiver, which then decodes the "pulses" and transmits them to the crane's motor controller.

While it is possible to purchase remote control technology already installed on a new crane, in many cases the technology can also be retrofitted to an existing crane. One prerequisite for retrofitting is that the existing crane must be equipped with a magneto motor controller rather than a drum controller (the latter is common on many older cab crane models). A second prerequisite is that the crane must be equipped with a brake for emergency use and connected to the existing motor control. For example, hydraulic brakes, traditionally operated by foot pedal, must be converted to allow electronic actuation.

3) Benefits of Remote Crane Control

One of the benefits of remote control operation is increased safety. That is, individuals do not need to be physically close to the crane and its operation and the risk of being struck by the crane or its load. There is also no need for a human operator in the crane cab, as the operator is also at risk of injury. While operators in the cab are less likely to be injured than those outside the cab, cab operators are still vulnerable to ergonomic injuries (neck, lower back, arms, hands, etc.) panel operations due to constant bending and control. Fatigue is another issue faced by cab drivers.

Another benefit of remote control technology is increased efficiency when the technology is installed on the correct crane. That said, while remote crane technology has many benefits, it is not necessary or appropriate in all cases. Much depends on how often the crane is operated. a crane that operates 90% or 100% of the time is best operated by an operator mounted on the cab. Conversely, a crane that is operated only a few times a day may also be best operated by an operator mounted on the cab, not because of any artificial efficiency, but the limited use of cranes may not warrant the cost control techniques associated with the purchase and installation of remote equipment.

A wide variety of our crane remote control options are available to you, such as waterproof, privacy. You can also choose from plastic and silicone, crane remote control.

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