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What are the types of crane remote control?

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We are a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of high-end industrial remote-control systems, and the LCC brand was founded out of our customers' desire for higher reliability of industrial wireless remote control. The brand was founded with the vision of providing safer, more reliable and more efficient industrial wireless remote-control systems for our customers in China and around the world. This article is some popular information about crane remote control, I hope it will be helpful to you.

This passage is going to talk about the following types of crane remote control:

1) Two types of crane remote control systems

2) Radio control of overhead cranes

3) Boom controller for overhead cranes

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1) Two types of crane remote control systems

There are two ways to operate the crane.

The operator can control the crane from an exposed or enclosed cab attached to the crane, and use one or two other colleagues on the ground to help guide and position the load with hand signals.

The crane can be controlled by an operator on the ground using a push-button boom system attached to the crane itself, or by wireless control using radio transmitters and receivers.

Over time, there has been a trend to move the operator out of the cab and put them on the ground so they are closer to the load - giving the operator a greater field of view and a better vantage point to raise and lower the load.

With a boom or radio control, you can operate the crane with one person to lift, position and lower the load. For many years, standard cranes used boom controls, but over time, the price of radio controls has dropped - the cost of both types of control systems has balanced out.

Both hoist and radio control can be perfectly safe ways to control and operate a crane if the crane operator is properly trained. However, when researching and designing overhead crane systems, our customers often ask us whether push-button hoist control or radio control is better, or which system they might use to upgrade or update their overhead cranes.

2) Radio control of overhead cranes

A variety of handheld and "belly box" radio controls are shown here. They can be designed for a variety of different speed controls as well as button and lever configurations.

A radio remote transmitter with a series of buttons or levers is held by the operator or clipped to a sling or belt worn by the operator. The remote transmitter sends a radio signal to a receiver unit mounted on the crane. This unit converts the signal into electrical energy and transmits it to an intermediate relay unit on the crane where the appropriate contacts are activated, which then moves the crane up and down the runway, moves the hoist or trolley sideways, and raises or lowers the hook.

3) Boom controller for overhead cranes

A pendant controller suspended from a hoist or draped from a separate halyard track allows the operator to control the movement of the crane and load on the runway.

A hand-held controller with pushbuttons is attached directly to the hoist or to a separate garland track and hangs down for the operator's use. The operator holds the control handle and travels with the crane and load as they move along the runway. The operator can also position the hoist laterally and use the pendant to control the up and down movement of the hook.

Above are two kinds of information about crane remote control that I found on the internet. For crane remote control that we can provide, you can browse our product details page or contact us if you have any questions. We have professional staff at your service, and we look forward to your inquiry!

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