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How to maintain your car lift remote control?

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Like most gadgets, the car lift remote control unit for RC cars benefits from regular cleaning. It is best to clean it after each use, especially in muddy or wet conditions. How to maintain your car lift remote control? You may want to make your car lift remote control last a little longer, so how can you do that?

This passage is going to talk about the followings of tail lift remote control:

  •  Cleaning the remote control after use

  •  Check your car before using it

  •  Cleaning the motor


1) Cleaning the remote control after use

The car lift remote control may collect a lot of dirt after driving through mud and sand, or after using it in a place with a lot of dust such as a construction site. If the car lift remote control is not cleaned and stored immediately, its service life will be shortened due to severe wear and tear on the parts. Therefore, laziness is not an option and car owners must take care of the car lift remote control after use.

Remove the car lift remote control battery after driving. Assuming the battery pack is half charged, then discharge and store it in the unique fireproof bag. As a precautionary measure, do not over discharge the battery as it can damage it.


2) Check your car before using it

Check your remote control car before you go out. Before putting your remote control car to industrial use, it must be inspected rigorously to prevent damage to the remote control car, controller, etc. Check that the important screws and parts of the car lift remote control and the car are tight enough; otherwise, the car lift remote control may need to be recalibrated. In addition, check the car lift remote control and the car's battery for any safety issues that may require replacement. This is to avoid any unexpected situations.


3) Cleaning the motor

The controller motor of a remote control vehicle is another key component that requires maintenance. The motor may accumulate a lot of dirt after a long period of use. Use light air pressure and a brush to remove the dirt. For cleaning please consult our professional staff or contact us. We will provide you with excellent after-sales service.


I have repaired many faulty remotes and in most cases they are repairable.

Getting a programmable remote is one way to fix the problem, but the function and placement of the buttons may not be satisfactory.

Repairing the remote should make you more satisfied because you can keep the remote you are used to.

Common failures include: certain buttons not working, not working at all, and corroded battery terminals. Are the buttons sticky because of the dirt that has accumulated over the years from the sticky little hands of children?

The most difficult part of the repair is usually opening the cover. You don't need much electronics repair experience to repair remote control. In addition, it is completely safe because they are not subject to electric shock when using batteries. Then clean it. You can find our contact information on our official website and we would like to help you, so please contact us!

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