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Features of radio remote control for crane

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Improved crane safety, increased productivity, more flexibility: radio control of cranes offers crane operators all of these benefits and more applications. Radio control frees the operator not only from the confines of the cab, but also from the control cables of the crane boom. How does radio remote control for crane work? How does it work? What are the features and benefits? Let's take a look.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of radio remote control for crane:

1) Radio remote control for crane

2) Features of radio remote control

3) Benefits of our Remote Crane Control

1) Radio remote control for crane

The flexibility offered by radio crane control can transform the job site.

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2) Features of radio remote control

Radio control systems for overhead crane systems had a poor reputation 20-30 years ago. They were expensive and also suffered from many interference problems that caused control problems - ultimately leading to productivity issues and end-user frustration. Over time, advances in technology have greatly improved the functionality of transmitters and receivers - becoming a reliable option for controlling overhead crane systems. In addition, as wireless and radio control technology has become more popular, the price of these remote systems has dropped dramatically - making them a more cost-effective solution that is more in line with the cost of overhang control systems.

Radio controls are battery-powered and can be handheld or designed as a "bib" style that the operator clips to a belt or attaches to a harness or shoulder strap. Both styles can be compact, lightweight and ergonomically designed - with multiple speed configurations and intuitive controls.

Since operators do not have to be close to the load to lift, position or lower it, radio control can help protect them from hazards such as -

Exposure to steam, fumes or chemicals


High temperature or hot metal

High voltage/electric shock

High humidity

Not only can operators work safely on the floor, away from hazards, but they also get a better vantage point to effectively execute the lift. Operators do not necessarily have to walk with the load as it moves down the crane bays, so radio controls help keep operators away from tripping or falling hazards such as floor obstacles, workers and other machinery or equipment in operation. They are also ideal for higher load classes such as D, E or F, where cranes operate more frequently and at faster speeds on the runway.

A cost-saving benefit of operating the crane via radio control is that it provides the operator with a better view. With only one operator controlling the crane from the ground, you no longer need a team of two or three workers operating the crane from the cab and floor, lifting, moving and lowering the load by hand signals. Productivity can also be increased through better visibility - which helps locate loads and control damage faster because operators can better judge loads and ground clearance obstructions.

3) Benefits of our Remote Crane Control

Our remotes are carefully designed with excellent features, long service life, exquisite appearance and durable cases with benefits such as water and dust resistance, you can visit our product details page to learn more.

Although in some applications cab-operated cranes are a better solution - especially for transporting large loads over long distances in facilities without obstacles, meaning that in special cases cab-operated cranes move the load faster than the operator can walk the distance. But the importance of radio remote control for crane will not be shaken. You can contact us if you have any needs.

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