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Features of an electric chain hoist remote control

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Many companies are familiar with the use of pendant control to operate lifting equipment; where the control cable is connected directly to the equipment. A remote control system functions in a similar manner; however, it uses radio frequencies for complete wireless control. Our industrial radio systems consist of a handheld remote control transmitter and a remote control receiver, which is mounted directly to your material handling equipment.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of hoist remote control:

1) The advantages of using electric chain hoist remote control in industry

2) Better understanding of crane use and performance

3) Reasons to choose us


1) The advantages of using electric chain hoist remote control in industry

When lifting and transporting heavy loads; safety is always a great concern for businesses. Our line of industrial remotes come standard with many built-in features for increased safety and they also offer a greater range of mobility than other radio and pendant radios. Allowing operators to operate cranes and material handling equipment from a safe distance, thus ensuring their safety.


2) Better understanding of crane use and performance

The Industrial Internet - the integration of machines with networked sensors and software to collect and analyze use-specific data - promises to help make equipment across industries smarter and achieve efficiencies that were unimaginable not long ago.

This evolving technology is transforming industrial and manufacturing facilities through remote monitoring, providing visibility into the use and performance of overhead cranes. With this technology, selected crane data can be viewed through a centralized online portal, providing users with operational information with just a few keystrokes and transmitting safety alerts via email or text. Here are five ways your lifting operation can benefit from remote monitoring technology.

Safe working environment

Better understanding of crane use

Enhanced data for training programs

Increased visibility into the entire fleet

More systematic data analysis


3) Reasons to choose us

Nanjing Xiading electronic technology Co., Ltd is a professional industrial remote control manufacturer with 10 years’ experience,which is a leading enterprise in the domestic industrial wireless control industry, focusing on the R&D, integration and production of industrial wireless remote control systems.

Xiading has a leading position in remote control systems such as lifting machinery, engineering machinery, construction machinery, and special machinery, and can realize remote operation in metallurgy, automobile manufacturing, papermaking, shipbuilding, nuclear power and other industries.

The company has passed certifications in most major industrial countries around the world, such as the European Union, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Canada, Italy, Portugal, and Belgium. The products are exported to dozens of countries overseas and received unanimous praise from customers.

We pursue the development concept of safety, reliability and efficiency, and continue to innovate and introduce more new products to meet more customer requirements. It is believed that in the future, LCC brand remote controls will be favored by more consumers.


Remote-control systems can be applied in related industries such as automotive, general manufacturing, metal production, mining, paper and forestry, oil and gas, electricity, waste-to-energy and biomass, among others. If you are interested in our electric chain hoist remote control, you can contact us through our website. You can also let us know if you have any needs. We are at your service.

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Nanjing Xiading electronic technology Co.,Ltd is a professional industrial remote control manufacturer with 10 years experience,which is a leading enterprise in the domestic industrial wireless control industry,focusing on the R&D, integration and production...



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