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Characteristics of electric hoist remote control

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Electric hoist brake is achieved through the motor, remove the tail cover, screw off the four screws that fix the adjusting nut, use a wrench to turn the adjusting nut clockwise to the limit position, and then rotate counterclockwise a turn, and then install the fastening screws can be adjusted successfully.

For electric hoist control, electric hoist remote control can help you a lot. Do you know about the electric hoist remote control? Let's take a look together.

This passage is going to talk about the followings of electric hoist remote control:

1) Electric hoist remote control

2) How remote control of electric hoists work?

3) How to wire the electric hoist wireless remote control?


1) Electric hoist remote control

This remote controlled electric hoist allows you to maintain a safe distance while lifting the weight of the items you are moving. The electric hoist lifts faster, so the job gets done faster and safer. The electric hoist is available in different feet of single cable length and different sizes of controller. If you have questions and needs, you can contact us. Our tethered remote control with power on/off will give you the best help.

The use of remote control in contemporary production processes expands the functionality of cranes and offers many advantages.

For example, remote control directly from the portable control panel. Electric hoist remote control relaxes the freedom of movement of the operator.

 Electric hoist remote control increases the accuracy of load transport and positioning. Electric hoist remote control allows for increased labor productivity and safety. When using a crane with a smaller lifting capacity, the associated remote control such as electric hoist remote control can remove the operator's room, thus reducing the overall crane cost and project cost.


2) How remote control of electric hoists work?

The commands from the control panel (hoist-drop, transport, etc.) are translated into radio signals and transmitted to the crane receiving unit. This unit processes the signal and triggers discrete and analog outputs activated by the crane control system.

The remote control can be integrated with electric drive systems using DVESLY thyristor panels and frequency converters.


3) How to wire the electric hoist wireless remote control?

The remote control is independent. Wiring on the receiver against the installation wiring diagram, in addition to the power line, up, down, east, west, south, north, seven lines must be connected, connected to the corresponding point-action control terminals. The main contactor self-protection and point action to choose one of them. The other two lines can be used optionally.


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