Industrial remote controls are generally used for lifting equipment

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Industrial crane remote control is a device used to control machinery from a distance.High quality modern radio control systems are designed to provide physical and electrical isolation to prevent electrical failure or malfunction.


Radio transmitters and receivers can operate at different frequencies to allow multiple remote radio control systems to work simultaneously, and some systems are designed with protection against interference between radio signals of the same frequency. Operating on different frequencies or using other safety measures can help prevent hazards caused by interference between different cranes.


With proper operator training, radio remote control systems can be an excellent way to improve all parts of crane operation. In many cases, crane remote control makes work safer, faster and more efficient.

What Types Of Industrial Remote Controls Are There?

  • F Series Remote Control

     The components of our company's remote control: As for the buttons of remote control ,we use Japanese Alps or the German Marquardt buttons,all the relays are from American Tektronix, these parts of other suppliers are basically using poor quality material .

     The motherboard technology of our company's remote control: In China's remote control manufacturers, only our company will do the remote control motherboard with three anti-paint and high and low temperature test, the so-called three anti-paint means waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof and durable.

     Our company's remote control cable: cable is all silicone soft wire, will not age and break after long-term use.Our copper wire of the cable is all the actual standard of 0.75m/m2.

  • Q Series Remote Control
     Support wide range of voltage :AC/DC 12-24v ,24~48 V ,24-264v, 110~460 V, 
     The control distance can be adjusted, the adjustment range is 10m-2000m
     Support wireless automatic code matching technology, receiver can search for the channels of transmitter automatically ,use and replace transmitters without professional equipment pairing ,very efficient and advanced in the world.
     The remote controller can set the automatic shutdown function and the automatic shutdown time, which is very safe and reliable.
     The software automatically recognizes the model, there are more than 200 settings of programmable functions and applications of parameters ,which can meet the requirements of various controls for customers.
  • A Series Remote Control
     The lcc-mini remote control is newly launched. It is ergonomic and has a miniature appearance.
     It is waterproof and dustproof to IP67.
     The transmitter has a back clip.
     Each relay supports normally open and normally closed.
     The remote control supports wireless code pairing.
     Customers can perform free logic programming according to their own needs,
     It can meet customer requirements for wide voltage,
     And it also support adjustable control distances of 20-500 meters, etc.

How Does XiaDing Manufacture Industrial Remote Controls?

 Prepare Plug-ins, Spare Parts
Including raw material selection, raw material molding, MOS tube installation, preparation of plug-ins, etc.
Welding The Motherboard
Organizing parts, welding, preheating, dipping, cutting feet, and covering copper wires.
​​​​​​​ Debugging Process
Visual inspection, power-on test, function test, discharge test, three anti-paint care.
​​​​​​​ Remote Control Assembly
Housing installation, insulator test, finished product test.

Operation Method Of Industrial Remote Control

  • 01
    Rotate clockwise or counterclockwise to reset the emergency stop button located in the upper left corner of the transmitter, and the button will pop up.
  • 02
    Insert the black switch key into the key groove at the upper right corner of the transmitter and turn it clockwise to start the switch.Or press the green start button located in the upper right corner of the transmitter to start.
  • 03
    After the switch is activated or after the button is pressed, check the status light on the transmitter to ensure that the system is working properly. Under normal circumstances, the green light will flash when the button is pressed.
  • 04
    After completing the above operating procedures, you can press any button on the transmitter to control the crane or other equipment.
  • 05
    If you need to stop the operation of the equipment, you need to press the emergency stop button of the transmitter, and the receiver can cut off the total power supply of the equipment to stop the operation of the equipment.
  • 06
    If you want to restart, redo the boot action and follow the sequence of 1 and 2 above.

The R&D For Industrial Remote Controls

Xia Ding has a leading position in remote control systems such as lifting machinery, engineering machinery,construction machinery, and special machinery, and can realize remote operation in metallurgy,automobile manufacturing, papermaking, shipbuilding, nuclear power and other industries.

 Strong strength with 10 years experience in this industry,about 100,000 units shipped out per year,China famous brand, 20% market share in China.
 Good quality assurance & reasonable,competitive price,we can guarantee the quality while quote a reasonable price.
 We do have R&D and design department,and testing room,regularly release new products.
 We are OEM/ODM manufacturer of some European countries and Korean companies,and do offer one year warranty to support our customers.
 CE,FCC,SGS certified to build customers confidence in our company .

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